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Nightingale is an enterprise-level cloud-native monitoring system, which can be used as drop-in replacement of Prometheus for alerting and management.

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Nightingale is an cloud-native monitoring system by All-In-On design, support enterprise-class functional features with an out-of-the-box experience. We recommend upgrading your Prometheus + AlertManager + Grafana combo solution to Nightingale.

  • Multiple prometheus data sources management: manage all alerts and dashboards in one centralized visually view;
  • Out-of-the-box alert rule: built-in multiple alert rules, reuse alert rules template by one-click import with detailed explanation of metrics;
  • Multiple modes for visualizing data: out-of-the-box dashboards, instance customize views, expression browser and Grafana integration;
  • Multiple collection clients: support using Promethues Exporter、Telegraf、Datadog Agent to collecting metrics;
  • Integration of multiple storage: support Prometheus, M3DB, VictoriaMetrics, Influxdb, TDEngine as storage solutions, and original support for PromQL;
  • Fault self-healing: support the ability to self-heal from failures by configuring webhook;
  • Multiple systems such as Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana, etc. are fragmented and lack a unified view and cannot be used out of the box;
  • The way to manage Prometheus and Alertmanager by modifying configuration files has a big learning curve and is difficult to collaborate;
  • Too much data to scale-up your Prometheus cluster;
  • Multiple Prometheus clusters running in production environments, which faced high management and usage costs;
  • Monitoring too much data and wanting a better scalable solution;
  • A high learning curve and a desire for better efficiency of collaborative use in a multi-person, multi-team model;
  • Microservice and cloud-native architectures with variable monitoring data lifecycles and high monitoring data dimension bases, which are not easily adaptable to the Zabbix data model;

If you are using open-falcon, we recommend you to upgrade to Nightingale:



Example of use

You can also easily view all active alerts and historical alerts in Nightingale:

System Architecture

A typical Nightingale deployment architecture:

Typical deployment architecture using VictoriaMetrics as storage:

Contact us and feedback questions


We welcome your participation in the Nightingale open source project and open source community in a variety of ways:


  • deploy nightingale in docker
  • export /metrics endpoint
  • support feishu
  • support sms
  • support voice
  • support remote write api
  • support pushgateway api


Nightingale with Apache License V2.0 open source license.